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Announcing the MyMDT Closed Beta Testing

What is MDT

We started MailTime four years ago to redesign email for the mobile era. Throughout the years, we keep updating the app and have now won over 5 million users globally.

However, this is not good enough.

We realized that even though we are offering great service to users, we are not literally engaging them in our ecosystem. In other words, we are only selling the app to users, but never really appreciated users’ participation.

That’s why MailTime embraces a new economy called MDT where users are getting rewarded for what they do and create. We believe it’s going to disrupt the status quo that most companies take users’ trust and participation for granted. Plus it’s all based on blockchain, an exciting new technology which ensures all transactions and records are never rewritten.

Introducing MyMDT

MailTime is one of the first adopters of the MDT ecosystem. This means YOU will also be the first group of users in this new economy as well. To make this happen, we have been working really hard on a big new feature of MailTime – MyMDT. The MyMDT feature basically allows users to earn rewards by finishing specific tasks while using the MailTime app. It will be found in a future version of the MailTime app.

Introducing the MyMDT Closed Beta Testing Program

To test out this new feature and to get users’ feedback, we are planning to give access to a limited number of beta testers. In total, 200 beta testers will be selected to try out this new feature first! Here is a general timeline and more details about the closed beta testing program:

June 19 – July 5 Sign Up

We are sending out messages to recruit beta testers across all platforms. If you are interested in signing up, please fill out this form.

July 16 – August 1 Closed Beta Testing

We will pre-select our beta testers and send out confirmation emails to qualified participants. On July 16, the closed beta testing begins. Participants will receive another email on how to download the closed beta version of MailTime.

Participants are encouraged to explore the new feature as much as possible. Since MyMDT is a reward system, beta testers can earn as many rewards as they can. By the end of the testing, each participant can receive up to 500 $MDT* (or cash rewards**) for the participation.

In addition, we will send out a survey to each participant which takes about 30 mins to complete. If you finish the survey, you will first earn additional 150 $MDT* (or cash rewards**), and also have chance to win a [Nintendo Switch] in a raffle.

If you participate in a user interview, you will earn another 1000 $MDT* (or cash rewards**)!

The signup period ends soon on July 5, so if you’re interested.

Sign up Now.

Reward Distribution

The closed beta version of “MyMDT” runs on Testnet (a testing net, which is normally used to test products on the blockchain). This means that all the $MDT or any cryptocurrency earned during the closed beta are not supposed to have any value. They are only test credits. You might see an interface in the beta version which allows you to “transfer to an address”. When you do that in the closed beta version on the testnet, you might be able to click the button, but in reality the transaction will never go through.

At the end of the testing, we will examine the $MDT you earned within the beta version and send you the actual rewards 1:1, with a max CAP of 500 $MDT.

You can choose to get the $MDT rewards to your own cryptocurrency wallet, or have them sent to your “MyMDT” account when it officially goes live.

**You can also choose to get cash rewards rather than $MDT, note that we calculate cash rewards as only 70% of the $MDT at the average market price. In addition, cash reward is only available for users located in U.S. and China.

*$MDT is a cryptocurrency that facilitates this new user reward economy, which will also be the currency you will mostly use within the MailTime app.

1$MDT = 0.03 USD, the value will fluctuate with the exchange rate. You can refer to CoinMarketCap for real-time exchange rate.

Legal Notes

You should be 21 years of age and older if you wish to be eligible to participate in this Beta Testing Program.

If you are selected to participate in the beta testing, you will see a Beta Participant Agreement (“BPA”) when entering MyMDT. Proceed only if you agree with the BPA; if not, you should quit the app immediately.

The personal information and user behavior data we collected in the beta testing process are strictly for research purposes and will be deleted when the official version is released publicly. If you do not agree to the collection and processing of the above information, you can always quit the testing program from any time by informing us. If you wish to have them deleted before the official version is released publicly, you can email

Participants should be liable of their own conduct; MailTime (Mobile Internet Limited) reserves all rights.

If the MDT team suspects any misconduct or illegal activities, the MDT team reserves the right to force-stop the software service, freeze or delete suspicious accounts.

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