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Month: December 2014

A Productive Day With Five Startup Entrepreneurs


With the new year in full swing, many are wondering how to follow through on their resolution to be more productive and efficient. We decided to ask some of the most efficient people we know how they stay on-task.

What does a productive day look like for the startup founders? Are they really sleeping in their offices drinking tons of coffee to be awake? Here are five very productive startup founders sharing their productive days and the useful tools they use every day: Continue reading A Productive Day With Five Startup Entrepreneurs

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The Email Ahead


Dear MailTime users,

It’s only one month to go before the New Year of 2015. After months of development, design and care, we launched MailTime in September and have been thrilled by the love from you all over the world. Now before everyone walks into the winter wonderland, we would like to talk about Email, again.

The truth is : We are always looking for a better way to communicate.

By and large, every living creature is yearning to communicate. Just think about all those communication channels, tools and platforms human beings have invented in the past century. We are never content about the effectiveness of communication. We are always asking for more. Continue reading The Email Ahead

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