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Giveaway Winners Announced: My MailTime is Always Featured

Announcing the winners of the #MyMailTime giveaway!

It’s finally November 25th, that fateful day when we select the winners of the #MyMailTime giveaway contest.

Over the past two weeks, over a dozen determined participants have entered our contest by sharing a photo of their iPhone homescreen with MailTime ‘featured’ on the dock (bottom row) and including the hashtag #MyMailTime.

As thanks, everyone who entered will receive a MailTime party package including a MailTime tee shirt, stickers, buttons, and postcards. Meanwhile, one grand winner will receive a $200 iTunes gift card and the surprise party package, filled with Emoji Pillows!

We’ll be in touch with the winners shortly to send their prize. Thanks to everyone who entered!We love you!

Check MailTime Twitter Page to see the winners.

Here are some of the Winner’s HomeScreens!

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