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Ladies and Germs, I give you the MailTime iOS9 Update!



Good Morning MailTime users and Happy iOS9 update! This week, we’re bringing in the new features with style in the most recent MailTime update,

I give you:

Mr. Spotlight Search

Search within MailTime from any screen using the Spotlight!


Miss Quick Action

Want to Delete or Mark an email as Read without going into the app? Now you can tap on the notification to manage that message as soon as you receive it, and take care of things with a quick action


Dr. 3D Touch

iPhone 6S users, Get ready to pound your touchscreens! MailTime now supports 3D Touch, allowing you to peek into your emails, quickly jump into a certain action, or expand bubbles with ease


And don’t forget, Assorted Bug Fixes! MailTime is faster, and more stable than ever running on iOS9+


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