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Why All Emails Should Be One Paragraph or Less

email_firedLike it or not, most of your communication with potential customers, business partners, prospective employees, and nearly everyone important to your company goes through email. Yet most of your recipients are drowning in an endless sea of it. Some aren’t even bothering to read your messages all the way through.

If that’s happening, it may be your own fault. In today’s busy world, there are new rules for good email, and we all need to learn them, says Heatherm Huang, co-founder of MailTime, an app that makes email conversations look like text messages for easier viewing and responding. He believes that following the new rules of email etiquette will raise the chances of your emails getting read–and getting a favorable response. Here’s his advice:

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1. Keep it short.

2. Answer promptly.

3. Think before you CC.

4. Match your greetings to your recipients’ style.

5. Manage your emotions.

6. Be human.

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