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Your Email Dream Just Came True! Update to MailTime 2.0 Now!



MailTime is Young And Beautiful Again!

Big changes in our newest update! MailTime now supports multiple accounts, iCloud, Yahoo Mail, and AOL mail, Outlook, Hotmail, Mail.Ru, QQ Mail, 163 and 126 Mail services, swipe to Archive and Mark as Read functions, and multiple languages including French, Japanese, Portugese, German, Chinese, Korean, Russian, Dutch, Spanish and Italian! Plus we’re sporting a completely redesigned clean look.

Multiple Accounts

MailTime now lets you access multiple email accounts. To do so, just tap on Settings, navigate to ‘Multiple Accounts’, and select which accounts you’d like to connect.

MailTime is free for one account, but each additional email account is 99 cents. Don’t want to pay? Invite 3 friends to MailTime and add the account for free!

Widespread Service Support

Of course, multiple accounts won’t help you if they don’t support your chosen email service. We’ve said we would, and now we did: three new email services are supported. Expect more where that came from!

Swipe Functionality

Now you can swipe to Archive and swipe to ‘mark as read’ in addition to swipe to delete. Just swipe left on any mail in the inbox to bring up options and select your desired action.

Multiple Languages

MailTime now fully supports Chinese (Traditional and Simplified), Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, German, Spanish, Italian and French! Feel free to message-style email your international friends.

New Look

One of the first things you will notice with this update is the revamped look!

As always, we love to hear what you think should be next for MailTime. Be sure to swing by the MailTime Support forum on our website and vote for the features you’d most like to see. Let us know what you think of this update by – tweeting to @MailTimeApp or with an email sent to[email protected]

Have a great (updated) MailTime!

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